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Getting started on Kanessa Virtual is as easy as jumping. Free sign-up. No complicated registration process or confusing navigation pages, we promise. So, let's make your fitness goals more realistic.



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To enjoy the best of Kanessa Virtual, fill in your email address, and create a unique password to get started. Your account gives you an organized link to great fitness content. You will receive a link to confirm your account, and then you are ready for stage 2.


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We have a large number of trainers ready to share their wealth of knowledge with you, including pre-recorded and live workout videos from different sports teams. Select your favorite ones. You will be able to have instant access to them easily after you log in.

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No membership fees! Membership fees are such a pain in the butt. Instead, we have adopted the one-time fee approach. Unlock the Kanessa Virtual class of your choice with a single payment. And trust us, it is affordable. You can make your payment using your credit card or PayPal.


Access your videos for 72 hours

After payment, your chosen video will be available for 72 hours. These can be fitness videos from your preferred trainers or sports games of your favorite teams. This is three days for you to watch the videos as much as you want. You can check out more videos from different sources and pay the one-time fee to access them as well.



Hey Instructors, it’s time to get on Kanessa Virtual.
Here is how to get started.


Workout on your terms

A flexible workout system is just within your reach. You have to make yourself stronger than your excuses and embrace the power to work out on your terms on Kanessa Virtual. Your students are online and waiting.

Go live

Want to build a better connection with your audience? Workout on the go with hundreds of viewers by going live. Feel free to send your video links to fans and invite them to join in. More viewers mean more earning potential. The only bad workout is no workout.


Upload video

Do you prefer sharing your pre-recorded videos? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Be a fitness leader and help others stay in shape.

See analytics

Find out how much attention your instructor page is getting and use this marketing information to your advantage.


Build your brand

There are so many ways you can leverage an online audience. Remember that you are reaching significantly more people than with a physical gym. Even better, you get to keep a higher percentage of all your earnings. So, get started.

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Enjoy access to any video of your choice with a one-time fee for each. These videos will be available for 72 hours, which you can watch several times to get into the groove. No hidden charges, No monthly membership fee, No worries.

Embrace Working Out From Home

If you didn’t know how fantastic working out from home is, we are here to remind you.

You get results

How many times have you had to step on the scale in your bathroom and had those horribly large figures staring back at you? How many times has this happened after spending more than two months working out at your gym? Well, it is time to let go of that disappointment and embrace something better. Working out from home helps you achieve results as you are implementing the proven fitness techniques used by several experts.

You have the bliss of comfort and convenience

When you work out in your comfort zone, you feel more relaxed. Home is most times that sacred space where you feel at peace, and you need as much concentration as you can get while working out. So, all you have to do is use simple and affordable equipment to get your body in the best shape. In your comfort zone, you will be more focused and have a productive workout. You don’t have to worry about someone interrupting you with discussions about the weather several times in 30 minutes.

You get to follow your program

Let’s face it: working out at the gym is restricted to the equipment available, and this may not fit with your specific objectives. Need more freedom? Then working out at home will make that happen. You don’t have to worry about looking silly in front of anyone or trying to impress other gym members. It’s all you, and working out at your own pace is 100% possible.

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