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World's first online sports center

Welcome to the Home of Fitness, where fitness instructors and other sports enthusiasts meet. Kanessa Virtual is an online sports center where you have instant access to videos from top-notch fitness instructors and sports teams. The instructors will guide you with a complete workout session at the comfort of your home. Owners of sports teams and clubs can share their games with you.

Is there any team you would love to watch as they march to victory? Watch it all here easily. No membership fees. All you need is a one-time fee to access videos of your choice. Nothing should stop you from having a healthy and fit body. Nothing should stop you from enjoying games from your favorite teams. It's all fun here. Signing up is completely free, so what are you waiting for?

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At a time when the world is forced to spend more time indoors, you can still work towards a fitter, happier, and healthier life. Welcome to another day of working towards your fitness goals. And you don't have to leave your home to achieve them. Connect with the best trainers with just a few clicks. Even better, you can share the triumph of your sports team with millions of fans worldwide.

Sports bring people all over the world together. With one voice, we laugh, shout, cheer, and feel the pains of defeat. Do you have a big game coming and would love to have more people watch your sports team? Now, you can share it with more people with just a few clicks. All you have to do is upload it here, and people around the world can sign in to watch. It's that easy.

Meet our instructors

Our carefully vetted trainers are online to take you through the process of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Who says you have to do it all alone? With the professional trainers on Kanessa, you will have access to their lessons and live videos as they double as your accountability partner.

Rowena Rigters
Personal instructor

I love to put a smile on everybody's face and share my passion for all kind...

Kanessa Virtual
Personal instructor

We are your all-in-one fitness community. If you have had to spend a significan...

Kanessa Health
Personal instructor

There are so many reasons why it’s great to put on your favorite playlist...

Queens Football League
Personal instructor

In 2017, our founder birthed a movement no one would ever dream of. She saw wom...

How it works


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Don't have an account yet? Sign up now for FREE. You don't need to be perfect; you just have to get started. Create an account to get started on Kanessa Virtual. No membership fees required. All you have to do is pay a one-time affordable fee to participate in each class you are interested in, and the journey begins.


Find Lessons

We have hundreds of pre-recorded lessons available from certified instructors around the world. There is no barrier to working out as you can access all lessons for 72 hours from various instructors from the comfort of your home.

Find Sports Games

We have tons of videos from the sports team that would love to share their games with you. All you have to do is search for the one you are interested in and watch to your heart's content.



Become a trainer

Are you a training instructor or aspiring to be one? Do you have what it takes to teach, motivate, and lead others on their fitness journey? Then, create your personal page and sign up for free as a trainer. The more viewers you get, the higher your earnings. On your page, you have the freedom and a bigger platform also to market your services.


Go Live

As a trainer, your page is easy to navigate. With just a click of a button, you can go live and instantly reach your audience of fitness enthusiasts. It is really that effortless.

Upload pre-recorded class videos

Not all classes have to be live, and you have the freedom to decide how you will go about your classes. You can pre-record your fitness videos and upload them directly to the website. Then, share the link to as many people as possible, build your community, and watch as your income increases with each view.


Share Your Sports Games

Do you have a sports team or club and would love to share your games with friends and family worldwide? Distance doesn't have to be a barrier. You can gain more views when you share your team with the world on Kanessa Virtual. It takes just a few minutes to upload your pre-recorded games.

Upload Pre-recorded Sports Games

Pre-record your sports games and upload them on Kanessa Virtual. As soon as you have created your page successfully, navigate to the upload page to directly place your video on the website. Include a short description to get your audience interested. Now, spread the word! Let people know about the fantastic games you have coming up, and they can check them out here quickly.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

You drown not by falling into the river but by remaining submerged in it. Swim your way out of an unhealthy lifestyle with the world's first online gym. When fitness and convenience meet, all that is left is achieving your fitfam goals. Sign up for free now.

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and healthier life

Got a Gym? It's time to take it online!

If you own a physical gym, here is your chance to take all your services online in a heartbeat. With all the equipment at your reach, you can create fitness videos for members who share your fitness goals. All you have to do is increase your viewers, and you earn a higher percentage of earnings. It’s that easy. Since you get paid per view, you can receive as much as €2 for every payment of €3—all without stress. You can also send video links to all your fans and invite them to come on board. Cheers to a wider reach at just the tap of a button.

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We are always looking forward to having dedicated and creative individuals join our team. Feel free to contact us; we would love to hear from you.